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Published on Wednesday, 13 February 2013 22:35
Written by Tania

Tânia's classes are exciting, demanding, but fun and relaxing. Everybody's welcome to join, the only thing asked for is to try one's best, forget all problems and taboos, and have a great time.

Tania teaches workshops in Istanbul, Lisboa, Paris and Osaka twice or once yearly. Skype lessons are also available. All levels are accepted, but students with some knowledge of Oriental Dance will benefit much more. Oriental, Zill, Floor Work, Taksim, Improvisation, Building a performance, Working with the audience and with musicians are all availabe subjects. Intensive courses and courses with certification are also available. Please contact Tania for more information. Basic Roman dance classes are also available, and Tania can reccomend master teachers in Istanbul for more advanced students in that field. 

Here are some examples of classes:

Zill (finger cymbals)


Turkish Oriental, Live

Latin-Belly Dance Fusion


Bollywood (Indian musicals dance style)


"One Point" mini Class on Japanese NHK channel

Examples os styles performed by Tania

Turkish Romani (9/8 time signature)


Performance with live music and finger cymbals


For more videos on Youtube please go to: